Some are Born Fit, Some Train Fit

Some are Born Fit, Some Train Fit

Some are Born Fit, Some Train FitSome are Born Fit, Some Train FitSome are Born Fit, Some Train Fit

Either way, we stay Fit

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A bit of an insight

How it all started


Unlike with most, my fitness journey started because I soon realised that I was a bit skinny and frail looking. My situation hit home when I was casually told that although I looked weak, I had a strong heart. So, I decided to use my strong heart to work on my 'frail' body. Skinny I might have been, my stomach was embarrassingly protruding. So, running it was. But then I only got skinner, and that's why the gym became part of my life.   

I had to do it


One Saturday night in 2018, I just couldn't get myself to sleep. My mind started wondering, then the thought came to mind. "Maybe I should put myself up for a marathon". So I did. The training was rather challenging. There were times the pain would be so unbearable, but I kept pushing through in getting myself 'trained up' for the day. To achieve in fitness, either to lose weight, bulk up or get fitter, you have to be determined to stick to the plan no matter what bumps you might encounter. 

So, now that I know that I know


I have vast experience and knowledge in the area of fitness. I have used my experience as a means of equipping myself with enough know-how when it comes to weight loss, bulking up and general fitness. I have worked with several people, helping them achieve their fitness goal. Being that we live in a smaller world, you can join my list, and you will receive regular hints and tips on fitness. Better still, you can contact me directly for bespoke training ideas to get you to where you want to be. 

Why fitness

Even if it's not your thing

In an ideal world, I would probably drive my car around forever without the thought of even servicing it. To service my car is pretty expensive. Other than the cost, how about the inconvenience of time? We can apply the same thought to fitness. Except for the junkies, fitness is not what would ordinarily come to the mind of many. Don't get me wrong. We all know about it, and we know the benefits that come with staying fit - however; putting in the work is a different matter altogether. That's why many of us struggle with keeping fit. Despite my putting this website together and banging on about fitness to anyone who cares to listen, I wish my fitness level would improve without my having to do half as much as I do. How I wish my stomach flattens without having to run as much. How I wish my biceps get bigger without the need to lift those dumbbells and put them down ever so much. 

I so wish

Even if your metabolism is constantly on a fast track, there is a need to engage in physical exercise. We are all getting older - and metabolism is one of the many things that would slow down except you do something about it. Fitness is one of those things in life you just have to do so that you can enjoy the benefits which (as a reminder) include getting healthier, looking better, getting stronger, staying younger, staying toned, feeling happier and sleeping better. 

Find your zone

There are so many benefits to getting involved in physical exercise - a lot more than listed above. For instance, how about having better skin, and how about improving your stamina for sex? (maybe now I have your attention!). But the issue is this - the word 'fitness' in itself can be a bit daunting. Typically, there's your job to deal with, then your family, then your social activities - so where does fitness come in? Maybe nowhere as for many. But here's the trick. All it takes is finding what suits you, and something you hopefully enjoy. Also, little adjustment to your daily routines can work wonders. 

A little here and a little there

Finding out what you can, and what you will enjoy might mean trying all sorts until 'bingo'! One day, you will find something you will enjoy enough to stick to - be it walking, pole fitness, hula hoops, skipping, or dancing. You will be surprised at what you can achieve by finding and sticking to something you can manage. Another trick is in changing a few routines. For instance, how do you travel to work? Can you incorporate a bit more walking? How about your lunchtime. Starting a running club at work, or joining one is an option. What do you do when you watch your favourite TV programme in the evenings? Sit comfortably most likely! Why not jog on the spot for that hour or 30 minutes? Your body will be grateful - i promise you! Join my list, and I will provide tips and ideas galore.